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Runing outside or run on treadmill? Benefits of treadmill

Release Date: 2021-2-23

1. Compared with outdoor running, it is not affected by the weather, No matter rain or sunny day, you can run anytime and anywhere.

2. When you run out side, some road is not stable, it will be more easier for you to get injuiry. But treadmill is more stable and safer.

3. A good treadmill will have a very strong shock absorption device that can protect your knee joints and reduce injuries caused by strenuous outdoor exercise.

treadmill to workout

4. The data and functions on the treadmill are more intelligent. You can set and display a lot of data, such as running speed, running kilometers, running time, heart rate measurement, heat consumption, and so on.

5. A high-quality treadmill can also be set with many modes, and the program is more intelligent, which can meet your different sports needs, such as fat reduction mode, mountaineering mode, random mode and so on.

6. It can meet your other entertainment and learning needs, listening to music, watching TV, watching movies, and listening in English, making your boring running time more happy and interesting.