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Using a spin bike to workout!

Release Date: 2021-5-28

Spinning is a very popular exercise in the gym. Everyone knows that its weight loss effect is very good. However, some people say that spinning is 20 pounds a month. Everyone wants to know if this is true. We also asked the weight-loss professionals about this, let’s listen to what they say!

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It is theoretically possible for a spinning bike to lose 20 pounds a month , but it is difficult to operate in practice, and even if you lose 20 pounds, it is not good for your health. Therefore, I advise everyone that the ultimate goal of losing weight is to be healthier. If you give up your health and achieve the goal of losing weight, it will not be worth it.

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If you want to lose 20 catties in a month , the calorie intake is only about 900 calories a day, but you don’t know that the calories contained in a box lunch is as high as 300 calories. It is conceivable that you will eat very little in this way. Some people’s diet is not very reasonable. If they continue to do so, their physical fitness will become very poor, and they will be prone to dizziness, palpitation and other uncomfortable symptoms, which will seriously affect their health.

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In addition to the need to control intake in diet, a lot of aerobic exercise is needed every day. Although body fat is gone after a long period of riding a spinning bike, everyone does not supplement nutrition and muscles are also lost. By then, the weight will be lost. But the body is definitely not good without muscle support.

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Therefore, under normal circumstances, weight loss should be done slowly. Take riding a spinning bike as an example. Although a spinning bike has a good weight loss effect, it is better to take it slowly. Ride at least three times a week and exercise for 30 minutes each time . The heart rate is controlled within the optimal aerobic heart rate range. There is a simple formula for heart rate calculation. The optimal aerobic heart rate = ( 220- age) *0.6~0.75 . If you are 30 years old, the optimal aerobic heart rate is 114~ 142 between.

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It seems that it is only theoretically possible for a spinning bike to lose 20 pounds a month . In real life, it is impossible to achieve such a goal. I hope people who want to lose weight by riding an action bike should do it step by step. Don't worry, just stick to it. Riding an action bike for a few months can see a good weight loss effect.