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How to use an elliptical machine to workout?

Release Date: 2021-4-29

1. The elliptical machine can organically combine the movements of the arms and legs, and it can be used frequently to coordinate the limbs and strengthen the body. Long-term exercises can help improve physical endurance, exercise cardiopulmonary function, calm the mind and improve athletic ability.

2. The elliptical machine is suitable for a wide range of people. For healthy people, elliptical machine can enhance physical fitness and improve physical fitness; for people with poor knee and ankle joints, when walking or running, the impact force generated when their feet touch the ground often makes their joints painful, and using elliptical machine exercise is safer , Comfortable choice.

use elliptical to workout

3. In exercise places, we often see that some exercisers mistake the elliptical machine as a treadmill. During exercise, only the legs are exerted, and the arms are only stabilized by the legs, or they simply don't hold the handrails. When using the elliptical machine to exercise, if the hands and feet are not coordinated, the harder the body is, the more tense the body will be, and the confrontation between the upper and lower limbs will be stronger. It may also cause fatigue, strain muscles or even fall due to uncoordinated movements.

4. The correct way to use the home elliptical machine is: lightly hold the handrails above the equipment with both hands; pedal forward with the hands in turn; wait until the movements of the hands and feet reach a more coordinated level, then gradually increase the thrust and tension of the hand .

elliptical in home gym

5. Use the elliptical machine to practice forward and backward bidirectional movement. When practicing, you can generally practice forward for 3 minutes, then do backward practice for 3 minutes, one set of practice for 5 to 6 minutes, it is best to practice 3 to 4 sets of each activity . The frequency of action should be gradually increased, but not too fast, and must be within the range of one's control.

The home elliptical machine exercise should pay attention to the principle of moderation, as well as the necessary rest, and appropriate water should be added during the exercise, so as to fully ensure the health of the body!