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Why buy a walking pad?

Release Date: 2021-5-15

A person's energy is limited. When time is spent on writing, studying, playing drama, skin care, and family, the time on sports is reduced. Therefore, taking some fragmented time every day to walk is still very helpful for white-collar workers who are in sub-health for a long time.

According to research data, walking for at least half an hour a day can reduce the health problems caused by sedentary office workers and effectively reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

a walkingpad

Although the walking pad has limited functions compared to the treadmill, the more functions of the fitness equipment are not the better. The most important thing is that it is suitable for your own use! Walking machines do exist for people who are suitable for it, and there are real needs, suitable for all ages, such as:

· People whose body is not suitable for intense exercise , such as those with arthritis, meniscus or ligament damage, lumbar spine problems, and heart disease

· People who like light exercise , such as girls, middle-aged and elderly people

· Limited time and energy, like the time fragmentation exercise of people

· Worried about the noise and space of the treadmill

To sum up, the walking machine is suitable for light exercise, has the advantages of small size, easy storage, simple use, and the price is relatively cheaper.

The difference between walking machine and treadmill

· Generally speaking, walking machines do not have handrails

· Compared with walking machines, treadmills have wider and longer running belts

· The walking machine has simple functions, and the treadmill has more functions

· The maximum speed of the general walking machine is 6km/h, and the maximum speed of the treadmill is generally greater than 10km/h

· Walking machine is suitable for light exercise, treadmill is suitable for intensity exercise, and the fat reduction effect is stronger

So if you feel a little tired at work, it is more suitable. But if you want to run occasionally, it is more appropriate to use a treadmill. After all, a treadmill can also be used as a walking machine, but a walking machine cannot be used as a treadmill.